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Definitive Guide To Writing Good Agile User Stories

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User stories describe the actual customer requirements which are nothing but the functional requirements for developing a software product. How good you write a story is directly proportional to the efficient requirement gathering for building a product which ultimately reveals the quality of the product. In this article, we are going to discuss on how to write good agile user stories and what should and should not be included as a part of user

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Better Requirements Better Testability

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The best testing of Software application depends on its Test-ability. It is an attribute associated with the software quality.

Testability may be defined as the degree of “How difficult it is to test the software system”. It is mainly related to the degree to which software artifacts like SRS (software requirement specification), FRD (Functional Design document), software system, etc. support testing for the software application under test.

To understand the term testability better, let’s

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