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Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

How a Web Application Security Scanner can Help to Reduce Your Development Costs

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A quick search on Google will reveal plenty of posts that deal specifically with the importance of scanning your web application and eliminating all vulnerabilities. An approach that strikes the appropriate balance between automated security scanning and manual testing using a skilled penetration tester is usually considered to be the best option.

Experience usually demonstrates that a combination of these two methods results in the most efficient way to find and eliminate both technical

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3-Step Guide to Choosing A Web Application Security Scanner

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Selecting and testing a web application security scanner can feel like an overwhelming process and for good reason. There is potentially a lot a stake, and the wrong decision can have far-reaching consequences.

One of the easiest solutions is to develop a framework for making your decision – a system by which you can measure and assess potential candidates before reaching a conclusion. This post will address the more common questions and concerns that

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Automation Is A Must In Web Application Security Testing

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In few days back we seen about “Top 10 Web Security Checks – How to Test for a Secure Website?”

In today’s article we are going to see “Is Automation Must In Web Application Security Testing?”

As we all know, Humans can do great things. We have climbed the tallest mountains, discovered the wonders of the universe and created beautiful art in the forms of paintings, poetry or prose. However, by default, we are

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Difference in Desktop, Client Server and Web Application Testing

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The key feature of these type of testing is environment in which they are tested. Each one of these has different environments, technologies and the amount of effort required is varied across different domains. When the user moves from one type of testing to another the user loses its control over the environment entirely.


What is Desktop Testing?

Desktop Testing is performed on personal computers, machines and systems. It required knowledge of how

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