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How to run your first Selenium WebDriver script - Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

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In previous article we have seen about What is Selenium Webdriver? In this article we are concentrating on implementation of the WebDriver, we will see how to selenium webdriver download and configure the Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse & run your first selenium web driver script.

Selenium WebDriver installation is divided in to simple steps to get & learn how to Install & configure WebDriver to kick of your automation testing. Also we will run

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What is Selenium Webdriver? - Selenium Training Series

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In the previous article we have learned about the Difference between selenium IDE, RC & WebDriver. In Selenium Training Series today’s article will move to What is Selenium WebDriver?, Advantages of Selenium WebDriver & what all features in it.

Basically Selenium IDE is record play back tool & its disadvantage is that, it only works with Firefox plug-in. To overcome this problem, new version of Selenium was introduced i.e. Selenium1.0 RC (Remote control server).

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