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How To Write Effective Test Cases and Procedures?

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Writing effective test cases is as important as testing is concerned. They help in finding the difficult bugs and make test coverage maximum. To write effective test cases, first and foremost thing is to understand the software application very clearly. Test case writing should be started as soon as the development of the software. In this article we will discuss some of the points to remember for writing effective test cases but first let’s

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Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Class Partitioning With Simple Example

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Boundary value analysis and Equivalence Class Partitioning both are test case design techniques in black box testing. In this article we are covering “What is Boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning & its simple examples”.

What is Equivalence Class Partitioning?

Equivalence partitioning is a Test Case Design Technique to divide the input data of software into different equivalence data classes. Test cases are designed for equivalence data class. The equivalence partitions are frequently derived

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Tips/Guidelines for writing test cases

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Writing good test cases is a talent and it can be achieved by experience and comprehensively studying application under test. In this article I will talk about basics tips on how to write test cases, what is test case, why use Test Case Management Tools, test case template & How to handle Test case maintenance. So lets begin with first point which is part of testers daily day to day life activity:



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