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Create Your First SoapUI Project - Step By Step Guide

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In the last tutorial we learnt about “Installation and Configuration of Soap UI – Complete Guide”, now let’s use this tool to build our first Soap UI Project. We are going to learn the following in this tutorial.

Creating our first SoapUI Project. Adding a WSDL file for SOAP Web Service. SoapUI’s interface acquaintance. Assertions.

But first run the project given in the last tutorial to generate the WSDL file at below link


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Web Service Sample Project & Testing

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In this tutorial, we are going to develop beginner’s level Web Service sample project using SOAP protocol for both RPC and Document style and after that we will learn how to test it. Later in this tutorial series we will learn about Web services based on REST protocol.

Web Service Sample Project: (SOAP Protocol): SOAP is a XML based protocol. Full form of SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol. In order to communicate between

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