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Test Cases For Fan

In the “How to Test” series we are covering most commonly asked questions around writing test cases. In previous article we discussed about the “Test cases for Pen”. Moving forward in this series I am covering the most common interview questions asked ask in interview is “What is Test cases for Fan?” We already discussed in previous article that if interviewer asks you to write the test cases then do not assume the requirements by your own. You should ask cross questions about the requirement, this will help you to understand or unclear the missing requirements. In this particular scenario you may ask questions like what type of fan, is it ceiling fan or table fan? How many blades fan have, speed level on the regulator etc.

To write down the Test cases for Fan now I am writing the cases for a ceiling fan with three blades

1. Check if the all parts of the fan is fitting properly and no loose fitting. [Installation Testing]

2. Check if the dimension of the fan as per mentioned in the requirement.  [UI Testing]

3. Check if the blades size and length of the fan as per mentioned in the requirement.[UI Testing]

4. Check if the weight of the fan is as per mentioned in the requirement. [UI Testing]

5. Check if the voltage/power requirement of the fan as per mentioned in the requirement.

6. Check if the proper “company name” is displayed on fan. [UI Testing]

7. Check if fan is started only if electric switch ON. [Functional Testing]

Test Cases For Fan

8. Check if speed varies when regulator adjusted. [Functional Testing]

9. Check Fan should always work in clock-wise direction. [Functional Testing]

10.Check if the fan throws buy provigil online illegal wind in correct direction. [Functional Testing]

11. Check if the Speed of the fan is controlled by the regulator. [Functional Testing]

12. Check if fan is stopped only if electric switch OFF. [Functional Testing]

13. Check if the time required to reached to it maximum speed when fan is switched ON. [Functional Testing]

14. Check the minimum and maximum speed of fan. [Reliability Testing]

15. Check if the material used for fan blades and check if it’s not getting bend when it is in motion. [Reliability Testing]

16. Check if fan is not wobbling when it’s in the movement. [Usability Testing]

17. Check if the color of the fan is as per mentioned in the requirement. [UITesting]

18. Check if fan if working properly under voltage fluctuation conditions like low voltage conditions. [Stress Testing]

19. Check the condition of fan’s when fan is running ON continuously for long period of time. [Performance Testing]

20. Check if the fan’s motor and electrical parts if any under unexpected outage of electricity. [Performance Testing]

21. Check if fan is running with minimum noise and vibration. [Usability Testing]

22. Check if the enough distance present between fan blades and ceiling. [UI Testing]



Here I have listed down few Test cases for Fan. I have initially not included few interesting test cases you can write down for Fan. So let’s think add the test cases which not included in the above list to make list to our reader more comprehensive. You can write down test case around Fan in the comment below. I really appreciate if you take up this Testing Challenge to get the good test cases for fan to our readers.

Happy Testing!!!

23 comments to Test Cases For Fan

  • Laxman Auti

    Check if electricity consumption is as per requirements?

    Check if Stars(*****) are meeting as per the standards defined?

    Check if fan is not making any noise during motion?

  • ratna

    Size of the fan ( big or small)

  • abhi

    Check if the gap between the blades are same or not.(installation testing).

  • Chiragkumar Ray

    without capacitor “fan” is working or not. [Functional Testing]

  • Amol

    Thank you sir for this information. I am sure this would help fresher for creating test cases for other things as well.
    Very good work. Please keep it up.

  • colleen Lam

    measure the wind speed according to different regulator adjusted as per mentioned in the requirement, for example: min, medium, max
    [functional test]

  • Srividhya

    Verify whether the fan suits the room space.

  • Inga

    Check if the fan weight is the same as per mentioned in the requirement

  • Abrar Ahmed

    23.Check for sudden increase and sudden decrease by fan regulator to check the speed variations.

  • vikas

    Check the number of blades.

  • Vaibhav Chaurasia

    Most unique test case of fan is that How much time it takes to stop completely.

    After switch off all functionalities stop working immediately or not.

    On switch on or switch off, whether fan heated up or not.

  • keerthi

    Thank you sir it helped me a lot and I want to know integration testing on the same fan test case

  • balureddy

    hello if u increase the regulator then fan speed should be increase

  • hanu

    check if the power fluctuations occure the speed is different or not

  • janavi

    verify with invertor connection the fan working or not

  • junaid

    check whether fan is rotating in clockwise or anticlock wise.

  • junaid

    check the color , weight , dimension of the fan whether it is as per the given details or not.(UI testing)

    open the box and check whether all parts are present are not.(smoke testing)

    switch off the fan and check whether fan is switching off or not .(integration testing)

  • Mythili

    Check if power goes off then fan should get stop.

  • shweta

    check whether the attaching portion(with ceiling) is flexible or not

  • Rajeshwar

    Check if fan is nt generating heat due to high voltage.

  • Nahanth

    check the weight of the fan for ceiling and blades is fitted for fan head weight



  • Tapas

    check the fan is moving in 220v or not

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