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What if there isn't enough time for thorough testing?

In previous article we have learn about “What can be done if requirements are changing continuously?” In today’s software testing class you will learn about “What can be done if short time frame is available to thorough testing application?”

If we have enough time to test the application then it is not a problem at all. But if there isn’t enough time for through testing of application, in this situation it won’t possible to test each & every combination of scenario. The Risk analysis is playing vital role in Software Testing, we recommend that you should use risk analysis to determine where testing should be focused.

Not enough time for thorough testing

Not enough time for thorough testing

To help you identify the risks involved in all your requirements, consider the following aspects:

  • Test functionality which has largest financial impact on users
  • Test functionality which has largest safety impact
  • Test most visible functionality to the user
  • Test most important functionality which project’s intended purpose
  • Test most important feature in terms of customers view
  • Test most visible functionality which has Complex functions
  • Test most important feature that are developed with new tools
  • Test functionality which has lot of bug fixes or updates
  • Test most important feature that are most important to the stakeholders
  • Test functionality which has developed under extreme time pressure.
  • Test functionality which is implemented in rush & panic mode, which may leads to more errors in the code.
  • Test complex functionality which may leads to more errors in the code.
  • As per previous experience test functionality which cause problems in previous project.
  • As per previous experience test functionality which cause major maintenance aspects of project.
  • Test the feature of application which would create bad impact in terms of the publicity.
  • Test the functionality which has highest-risk part of the application

This is typical question to be asked in Software testing interview. I observed that many of testers are come up with answer like “Prioritize the test cases & execute test cases based on the High Priority. This is little bit correct but not detailed answer, it should be more detailed.

If the limited time to test application then you go with following strategy:

It’s not possible to test everything when short time frame available to thorough testing application. You should go with Risk based testing & Requirement based testing. The strategy starts with a risk analysis to determine the functions (requirements) with the highest risk, and plan your test activities guided by this analysis. This strategy helps you to get list of test to be executed first & in which sequence. So it covers the testing of essential part of software application.

Have you ever worked on such project where time scheduled is tight, so please feel free to share your experience in comments below that will help for beginners to understand things better.

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2 comments to What if there isn’t enough time for thorough testing?

  • goklua rajasekhar

    I’ve worked in time pressure conditions, where me along with my test team used to complete the testing in short frame of time. As you mentioned in the mail we used to shortlist or plan the testing(test cases or requirements) according to time frame available for testing, whenever if we have short time for testing, we used to list most important requirements to be tested which client focuses more. Likewise complex logic, High priority features/modules, GUI related work items etc.

  • rama

    Excellent explanation.

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