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What is Software Testing?

Welcome to Software Testing Class!

What is Software Testing? – Basics of Software testing:

Software testing is process used to measure the information related to quality of the product or service under test. In this process we are doing measurement of quality & typically try to find the completeness, correctness, security of product or service under test.

Software testing is more than just error detection.

Software testing process also called technical investigation which carried out to allow understanding risks of software developed. This technical investigation method includes, but it is not just limited to executing a program or Service or application for the intention of finding Defects, Bugs or errors or Software testing is the process of executing a program or system with the intent of finding errors

Software testing is the process of validation & Verification of the software Service or application or program by checking whether it’s meeting the requirements mention in the FSD (Functional Requirements Document), which working as expected and what all is implemented as per the characteristics.

In the process of Verification just is the checking or testing of software, for consistency and conformance by evaluating the results aligned with requirements. For the Verification we can also ask our self a simple question: Are we building the system right?

In the process of Validation just verifying the correctness of system, it means in this process you can check what actual user wants & what has been specified. For the Validation we can also ask our self a simple question: Are we building the right system?

In the Software testing there is difference between QA and testing. Quality Assurance is the basically a process of activities designed to ensure the system will meet its objectives & create a quality software. QA process is much more about giving the continuous monitoring and consistent improvement and maintenance of process. QA is used to setup the process for a prevention of bugs appearing, TESTING activity is basically called the “Quality Control” which is used to measures the quality of the product. Testing is Identification or uncovering the bugs before moving to actual users.

Quality is not an absolute; it is value to some person. With that in mind, testing can never completely establish the correctness of arbitrary computer software; testing furnishes a criticism or comparison that compares the state and behavior of the product against a specification. For software testing many approaches can be use, this is not only not issue of new regular procedure but also very much essential of investigate based on how complex product going to test.

One simple testing definition to keep in mind is “Ask questions to product in order to evaluate it”, where the “questions” are the actual execution steps of the tester, and the response from the product is answer of the questions, with the help of this we can investigate the behavior of the product. The quality of the application can be constrained to common quality attributes like reliability, portability, maintainability, efficiency, usability capability,  and compatibility. A good test case is express as the test cases which expose an error in the Software application.

In the starting of Software testing Class we have seen “What is Software Testing?” & basics of software testing. In the next post we will see the what all software testing methodologies used in testing the application.

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