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Source Code Audit or Automated Web Application Vulnerability Scan?

Scanning for Web Application Vulnerabilities versus Static Source Code Audits: Choosing the Most Appropriate Solution

There are quite a few terms floating around the web application security space and sometimes it can be challenging to understand exactly what a specific term means and how it might relate to similar terms.

One such example that we were asked about recently was the term “source code audit”. We thought we’d provide an overview of what exactly a source code audit is and

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What Is Portability Testing In Software?

First of all we should know that what Portability testing is. It is a type of testing in which Software application is installed from one environment to other, may be from one platform to another platform with different hardware and software configuration. The whole purpose is to check whether application is able to run and can be deployed in different applicable environment, in order to satisfy business needs of the customer. If we see in terms of software application, running

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What Is Baseline Testing In Software?

First of all we should know that what is Baseline before understanding what Baseline testing is.

Technically Speaking –

Baseline is a formal document which acts as a base document for future work. Talking in layman language, for making a building, you require base. Same thing applies to testing. We need to create Baseline, from which further testing is done. First of all, it is very important to know that it is non-functional testing which means it has nothing to

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How To Choose Which Testing Technique Is Best?

Testing technique refers to the method or way to test a software or a part of software. Each testing technique has its own benefits. Different techniques target different types of defects. So, it would be wrong to call one technique best. Based on the software and its requirements, one test technique may suit better than the other to serve the purpose. And sometimes, a combination of different testing technique might be a good way to test a software.

The various

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What Is The Difference Between Scrum, Kanban And XP?

In this article, we are going to discuss about the three most popular agile project methodologies. They are Scrum, Kanban and XP. Later in this article, we will compare and outline the differences between these three.

SCRUM: Scrum breaks down the big organization into small teams which are capable of self-organization. These self-organizing teams further break the tasks into small and manageable items of work. These small manageable items (collection of tasks) are handled in time-boxed iterations know as sprints.

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Overview Of Performance Testing With VSTS

There are plenty of tools available in market which supports performance testing of web application. Many of them are licensed tools and few of them are open source as well. Few are supporting only web applications few can handle only web API’s. However, VSTS stands tall among them with having support to both of them. Unlike the Load UI and Jmeter it has lots of flexibility because of support of C# as backend scripting language. Of course it has that

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