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Top 20 Practical Testing Tips That A Tester Should Know Before Start Actual Testing!

Software application testing can be challenging for a tester if he is not well prepared in advance to test it properly. This is a top 20 tips you should know before you start testing product or web application. This would help you not only getting the results accurately but saves a lot of time. Preparing yourself for testing is the best thing to follow when you have got tight deadlines.


Top 20 Practical Testing Tips That A Tester Should

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How To Test Software Without Any Requirements?

Test Software Without Any Requirements

The testing a Software application is an art, however it is more interesting when tester has to perform his job with the minimum or no requirement documentation. It might be possible that the tester joins the project late. In such situations it’s not only difficult to work but also impossible to estimate and planning the project testing activity. As a result the return of investment may be affected under such conditions.

In this article we are going to discuss a

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Unit Testing - Test Case Preparation Guidelines

Unit Testing Guidelines

A Unit testing is a Level of Testing where smallest part of individual unit / component (called unit) is tested to determine if they are fit for use.

The unit test cases writing and execution is done by the developer (not the tester) to make sure that individual units are working as expected. The smallest part of individual components like functions, procedures, classes, interfaces etc. If we take a example of functions, when we pass input parameters to functions then

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Penetration Testing - Sample Penetration Testing Test Cases

Penetration Testing

In previous article we seen about “Estimation Guidelines For Testing“. Today we are concentrating on What is Penetration Testing and sample Test Cases for Penetration Testing?

What is Penetration Testing? “Penetration Testing is also known as Pen Testing. Pen testing is the practice of testing a web application, computer system, Network to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.”

It is practical and accredited method to measure the security of an IT infrastructure. By securely trying to exploit application susceptibilities

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Estimation Guidelines For Testing

Estimation Guidelines For Testing

When we talk about estimating test efforts, what we have planned and what is the actual outcome will always be different from each other to some extent. Estimation which is flexible and close to reality is considered to be the best but it comes with experience and practice. As it is said that hope for the best and prepare for the worst, so estimation of testing efforts should be set to have the best testing within the deadline but always

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How To Write Effective Test Cases and Procedures?

How To Write Effective Test Cases

Writing effective test cases is as important as testing is concerned. They help in finding the difficult bugs and make test coverage maximum. To write effective test cases, first and foremost thing is to understand the software application very clearly. Test case writing should be started as soon as the development of the software. In this article we will discuss some of the points to remember for writing effective test cases but first let’s understand what is a test case

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How to test mobile readiness of any website?

How to test mobile readiness of any website?

As the technology growing day by day, people are more tend to use their smart phone than their computers. Android and iOS market is on boom now a days. Two out of three have smart phones, it has become a part of our daily life whether it is checking your emails, going on your social network, chatting, sharing pictures, audios or videos and surfing websites. It has become very important for the organizations who are into online services or ecommerce

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Basic Checklist for Testing

Testing Checklist

In previous tutorial article series we have seen about “Mobile Testing“. In today’s article we are going to cover the Testing Checklist that you should go through once before start testing your project.

During SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) while software is in testing phase, it is advised to make a list of all the required documents and tasks to avoid last minute hassle. This way tester will not miss any important step and will keep a check on quality

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Overview of Selendroid - Mobile Automation Testing Tool

Overview of Selendroid

What happen when developer developed Android application by spending so much of time and money and place it into the Google Play without verification of app?

Either, immediately app goes down in the market or the app may get very poor response from users. It might happen in the future that next time whatever you place on the Google play, nobody likes to waste their money on downloading the app.

So, before you market your app on Google play,

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Overview of APPIUM - Mobile Automation Testing Tool


With the increasing number of mobile device users and their demands, at present; Mobile Device Apps are available almost for all kind of purpose. Thus, market is very competitive, every mobile company thinks that how do we ensure to the consumers that we are delivering the best quality app in the market?

As, everybody knows, how fast mobile devices and their applications are increasing. These mobile applications work on multiple platforms. Additionally, some applications are open source and some are

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