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Guidelines to Review Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document? The Complete Checklist!!!

Review Guidelines for Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document

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In Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) the first step is Requirement Gathering where we need to start carefully with reading the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document, understanding the requirement, raised the queries about missing, incomplete or unclear requirements. The main aim of the this stage is to understand and unclear the hidden requirements.

The SRS is basically the set up agreement between supplier and the customer tell us about “what are we going to

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Reached 10000 Facebook fans – Giveaway Software Testing eBook!!!

Facebook 10000 Fans

I am so excited about we have reached 10000 Facebook fans!!!

We are thankful to everyone who contributed to reaching this milestone, it make it possible just because of you guys who are there to helping me.

In this occasion I’m glad to announce that we are giving away THREE FREE copies of the most popular eBook “Software Testing Career Package” by Vijay Shinde (From the author of to our readers. The regular price of this testing eBook

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Top 8 Useful Firefox Add-ons For Software Testing

Useful Firefox Browser Add-ons For Software Testing

In day-to-day software testing activity we try to use different tools which make testers life simpler. The web browser is one of the nice tool which we are working daily in testing life cycle. Almost all testers are performing test execution on FireFox browser. The FireFox browser is open source browser which supports installation of powerful add-ons. Sometimes these add-ons are also called as extensions or plugins. In today’s article we are covering more useful Firefox add-ons which can be

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What is Testing Tsunami and how to survive?


Many people’s doesn’t aware of the Testing Tsunami, If they do not plan project properly, as a result they set their project at high risk and Testing Tsunami comes in the picture. In this article we will try to cover the “What is Testing Tsunami and how to survive?”


What is Testing Tsunami?

As you aware of in general terms Tsunami is also called as “tidal waves” and Testing Tsunami means tidal wave of testing work which arises at

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What is difference between Test Cases vs Test Scenarios?

Test Cases vs Test Scenarios

Software testing field is very much interesting field to work on, however sometimes many testers were get confused in common software terminologies. Few days back one of colleague was taking interview of Software tester of 2 years experience. In the interview he asked one question “What is difference between Test Case and Test Scenarios” then that guy was confused on the answering the question and unable to answer question properly. So I thought to shed some light on basic software

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What is Cookie Testing and test cases for Website Cookie Testing?

Cookie Testing

In today’s article we are talking about Website Cookie Testing. In the modern Web Testing use of Cookie is most common thing to do. We will first concentrate on what exactly the Cookie is and how they are working in web application testing. Also we will see how to testing cookies, it advantages and disadvantages of Cookies in Website testing.


What is Cookie?

Cookie is a text file stored by browser on your hard disk which can be used

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Complete Checklist for Website Testing

Website Testing Checklist

The Website testing is most confusing topic amongst many testers. On website testing lots of queries are downpour over the internet. Most of the readers were asking different questions on Website Testing Checklist. So instead of answering individual I thought writing an article on Complete Checklist For Website Testing.

If you ask me about Website testing – What should be tested, how should be tested, which thing must be tested, what should not be tested and continue.

You should keep

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Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

In the fast growing world the mobile phone is not only a device to make and receive telephone calls but also a multipurpose personal gadget. There are more technological improvement and the propagation on mobile devices with different Operating Systems like Apple iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian etc. In the fast growing world there are new challenges for hardware manufactures to stay in the competition. Also the application developer needs to deliver best Apps over variety of platforms within

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Why, How and When to Automate Software Testing?

Why, When and How to Automate Software Testing

Being as a Software Test Engineer you might have come across a situation where “Why, How and When to Automate Software testing?” Some testers are thinking of Automate Software testing is no more advantages than manual testing and we also hear from some readers on using Automation to test the application.

Listening from different opinions, I thought instead of answering questions individually it would be better to some logical discussion here. The automation testing is such a huge topic to

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Tips and Tricks - How to reproduce the bug if it is hard to reproduce?

How to reproduce the bug if it is hard to reproduce

Many time I observed that testers are talking about that bugs was “Not Reproducible” and I am not able to find the exact steps. Generally if the defect is unable to reproduce then they are making them into “Not Reproducible” category. However as a tester I am intentionally calling this as “Hard to Reproduce” because I believe each bug is reproducible in specific situation, it just matter of finding the exact steps to reproduce.

In testers carrier almost every tester

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