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Selenium Tutorial: Introduction to Selenium Grid

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss Selenium grid in detail. Selenium grid is a software that is associated with Selenium software that is capable of executing multiple tests in parallel across different web browsers, operating systems and hardware architectures. It is based on hub-node execution model where a hub is a single machine that runs the test, however, the execution of these tests can be done on the different machines known as nodes.

Selenium HUB and NODES Model:

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Tutorial 9 - Using Slim Test Table Styles in Fitnesse

In previous FitNesse tutorials, we discussed and demonstrated examples related to the decision table. There are many other FitNesse tables which are yet to be explored. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss dynamic decision table in detail.

Dynamic Decision Table:

Decision table supplies the inputs and outputs for decision-making and marks the test as red or green color accordingly. Similarly, the dynamic decision table has the same syntax as decision table but it passes the column headers as

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How to handle Cookies in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the handling of cookies using Selenium WebDriver. Before we start using Selenium Webdriver to store information in the cookie and retrieve from it, let’s first explore some more about HTTP Cookie.

Introduction To Cookie

Perhaps you have done online shopping and notices the shopping cart that is often present on the top right corner of the website. When you do shopping on such websites and add items to the shopping

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Learn about SOA Testing

SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture. In simple words, it is a framework consists of different services which communicate with each other over the network independently following a set of protocols. A service can be defined as a self-contained part of the functionality, and the combination of the several services can together provide usage and functionality of a software application on a large scale. The SOA framework makes it easier for the software parts on personal computers which are connected

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Cross Browser Testing Using Selenium

In this chapter, we are going to discuss Cross browser testing using Selenium Webdriver. It is a kind of functional testing that tests whether the application under test is working as expected across available web browsers.


Many times we might have observed that for the same web URL, a website running on Google Chrome looks different from that the other running on MozillaFirefox or Microsoft IE. Here, is the following example.

In the following screenshot, we have browsed

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Handling Date Time Picker using Selenium

In this chapter, we are going to discuss the how to handle date and time picker using Selenium Webdriver on HTML5 web pages. HTML5 has an inbuilt dateTime-local attribute for date-time input form field as shown below.



We can get the date time input field with the help of following HTML5 code.

<html> <head> <title>Handling Date Time Picker using Selenium</title> </head> <body> <form name="datetimedemo" method="post"> <h2>Handling Date Time Picker using Selenium</h2> Enter Date &amp;amp; Time: <input type="datetime-local"

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