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What Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Tests?

Test Planning is one of the early phase of Software Testing Life Cycle. A good planning is a key to a smooth execution phase, whereas, a bad planning can result in unnecessary time consumption. Test Case writing, resource assignment etc. are some of the activities that are performed as a part of Test Planning. There are some key points that should be noted and taken care of during planning in order to avoid carrying redundant issues to Execution phase. Some

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Performance Testing Metrics - Baseline And Benchmark Testing

What is performance testing?

We build a software application which enters into various testing phases such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing. Here we are covering most of the aspects of the white box testing and black box testing. What about the software application performance? Can we say that an application which is functionally sound after testing is fit for the business purpose and use? Definitely not. There is another important aspect of testing which is

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E-commerce Testing: It Can Be Make Or Break

E-commerce has made our lives so easy by providing a medium to shop at our own comfort and convenience. We can order almost everything by sitting in front of our computers avoiding huge lineups and travel tiredness. As a tester, it can be quite challenging to test E-commerce website since there are so many general scenarios to test but the priority would always be “excellent user experience”. No doubt, exploratory testing plays a major role here.

I remember once, I

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How Tester Adds Value In An Agile Project?

When we say agile project, the very first thing which comes to our mind is time boxed and tight deadlines. When a software tester works in an agile environment, his responsibilities includes much more things than just testing. When we consider other project methodologies like V model or Waterfall model then we observes that testers are testing, logging bugs and creating reports, there is not much involvement or communication from their side to other teams but in agile, it is

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How To Access Forms In WebDriver

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about accessing HTML web forms and its elements such as input box, radio button, checkbox, hyperlink, dropdown box, etc. using Selenium WebDriver API.


Input Box:

There are two web elements that fall into this category. They are text box and password box.

Text Box:Text Box in HTML is represented by ‘input’ tag and has type ‘text’as shown below.

<b>First name:</b> <input type="text" name="firstname">

In the above HTML statement, text box has

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What is Digital Transformation In Software Testing?

It is a well known fact that digital transformation enterprises have a huge influence on the QA and Testing. Digital transformation enterprises need to act in response to the demand for enhanced surety that interrelated systems are not only secure but also reliable for every user so that the reliability is uphold.

Agile and DevOps delivery are nowadays used widely in the software testing and quality assurance. It is also supposed to back quicker software development lifecycles to prevent bottlenecks

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