Software Testing Models

Overview of APPIUM - Mobile Automation Testing Tool


With the increasing number of mobile device users and their demands, at present; Mobile Device Apps are available almost for all kind of purpose. Thus, market is very competitive, every mobile company thinks that how do we ensure to the consumers that we are delivering the best quality app in the market?

As, everybody knows, how fast mobile devices and their applications are increasing. These mobile applications work on multiple platforms. Additionally, some applications are open source and some are

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What is Recovery Testing?

Recovery Testing

A good medicine is the one which helps patient to recover soon from illness, similarly a good software application is the one which recovers in no time from crashes, hardware failures or other such type of failures. Recovery testing is a part of Non-Functional Testing which tests how soon the application recovers when it is crashed or if hardware gets failed. It is categorized under performance testing and sometimes also carried out with load testing.  

What is Recovery Testing?

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Difference between Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing

Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing

As the technology growing day by day, new software testing terms are always adding in software industry. So as a QA professional, it is continuous learning process to stay updated in the market. Test engineers or whoever working in this industry have to be concern about the terms and run through always. The profound fields need the exact support and concern from concerned people. Some of our readers raised such concerned and they asked about Is Adhoc Testing and Exploratory

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Is Domain Knowledge An Important Aspect In Manual Testing?

testing domain knowledge

When you want to “Check”, no domain knowledge is needed but when you want to “Test”, domain knowledge is very important. Confused? Let me explain this in detail. Let’s take an example to understand how domain knowledge is important for testers. Say, you have written few automation scripts which “check” for some UI or basic functionality. To run them, your computer software doesn’t need any domain knowledge, it is just checking that whatever is written in that auto test should

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What is Test data - Tips and Tricks to Create Test Data

Test Data

What is Test Data?

Test data is a commonly used term in a tester’s day to day life. While executing test cases, he needs some data to input in order to get the expected output. Sometimes to load the application with data (Load testing) or to check the break point (Stress testing) of the application, huge data is required. This data can be valid or invalid. So in short, Test data is data which is required in executing the test

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ETL Testing / Data Warehousing Testing

ETL Testing

In previous article we learned about “What Is Difference Between SDET And TESTER?” In today’s class we are going to cover What is importance of ETL testing and Data Warehousing, importance, testing classifications, testing procedures etc.

Introduction on ETL Testing:

ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data. In data warehousing, data from multiple data sources is extracted, transformed (as per the business logic and data definition of target database) and loaded into cohesive database. Data warehouse efficiently handles

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What Is Difference Between SDET And TESTER?

What Is Difference Between SDET And TESTER

SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test or Software Design Engineer in Test, this kind of role is originated from Microsoft and currently many organizations are demanding such SDET professionals who can participate in development of the application and also in testing of the software developed. Tester on the other hand can be a manual tester or quality analyst who does not participate in software development. SDET are often involved in developing the quality, robust and high performance code

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

Alpha and Beta Testing

Alpha Testing and Beta Testing are the common terms used in software industries and both have their scope and significance in testing practice. I would like to explain this with a simple example as follows. Whenever firms like Microsoft or IBM launch their software product in market, it undergoes both Alpha and Beta Testing before it is available for end user. Let’s say these reputed firms are launching their new operating system in the market so before launching of an

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Mobile Testing Tutorial 6: Beginning Guide Of iOS Testing

Beginning Guide Of iOS Testing

In previous tutorial we covered “Top 5 Automation Tools to Test Android Applications“, in today’s mobile testing tutorial we are covering “Beginning Guide Of iOS Testing“.

In June 29, 2007, firstly iOS has come up to give big support to the mobile application by using Apple’s platform. At that time, iOS applications were only supporting Apple devices that mean; license of iOS for installation was only available for Apple hardware. But, now the latest version of iOS 8 is started

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Top 5 Automation Tools to Test Android Applications


There are many mobile automation testing tools in the market; some are open source and some are commercial, many testers attract towards open source mobile automation testing tools due to their cost (free) and availability, and many towards commercial automation tools too due to their in-rich features and platform independence. However, commercial automation tools are expensive and license, testers who have good budget can only purchase those tools. Using commercial tools, testers can do advance testing on mobile applications.


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