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Tutorial 2 - Download and Installation of JIRA tool

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the steps that are involved in the installation of Atlassian JIRA tool.

Well! Good news is that there is nothing to download, surprised? All you need is an internet connection and follow steps which are given below.

Step 1: Open a web browser and type or click on the below link. It will open the JIRA software website as shown. You can buy the product immediately or try the 7 days

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Complete Atlassian JIRA Tutorial Series | Introduction To JIRA - An Issue And Project Tracking Tool

In this Jira tutorial series, we are going to discuss and learn about Atlassian JIRA tool, which is a very popular bug tracking tool used widely by leading IT software companies across the globe. JIRA provides defect tracking and different project management functions.

Note: Looking at the number of topics, the frequency of publishing Atlassian Jira tutorial series will be bit more than regular articles. If you miss any article the please refer below consolidated list.

In this series we

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Why Many People Don’t Like Software Testing?

Software Testing is a process of finding out whether the application meets its specified business requirements or not. It is a process to find out bugs in the software. It aims at providing quality product without any bugs or defects. To become a software tester it demands a lot of skills such as strong technical skills, good communication both written and verbal, strong analytical and logical skills. To become a software tester, the person should wear a good attitude all

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Is Automation Testing Really Needed In Agile Software Development?

In the current market scenario, agile methodology for development and testing is growing in popularity. This is the reason that many testing teams are upgrading to the agile management. There are many good agile testing tools from project management to automated testing tools.

In my opinion, no matter which methodology we consider, automation is a crucial candidate in reducing testing efforts drastically. If practiced through the use of established disciplines and with an intended focus on continuous improvement and agility,

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Difference between Use Case and Test Case

Software Testing costs almost fifty percent of the costing from Software Company. So test cases are very important issues over here. Once software development was the only attractive and demanding work in software industry, now scenario has changed. Testing has different terms and there are ways to complete it. For qualifying as a test engineer or to work in software industry it is mandatory to know them clearly. Also “Difference between Use Case and Test Case” most commonly asked interview

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How Not To Write Test Cases (Tips For Both New And Experienced Testers)

This is a post by Sakshi Dewan, STC team member. More on her later, let’s see how not to write test cases first!

You must be thinking why a ‘not to’ article when there are plethora of articles/papers explaining how to write test cases. Probably, your thinking is right. But, after reviewing thousands of test cases written by new and experienced testers alike I felt that there is a need to educate testers on the fine line between excellent and

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