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How To Test Web Application? - Back To Basics!!

First of all we should know that How to test web application mean and who does it? Testing is done by Software Testers who are hired exclusively to test the web application. Testing in broader sense refers to testing of website. Now, what does Testing of website means….. During testing of Website or Web application, we see whether there is deviation from requirement or not. If there is deviation from requirement, then defect is logged or reported.

Now, it is

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Why Exploratory Testing Is Important In Agile Projects?

Today when most of the organizations are using agile methodology, effective testing has become a challenge. As we know that agile is an iterative approach to software development and also, it is time boxed. It means you have a certain time frame in which you have to gather requirements, plan, develop, test and release (and repeat!). if developer gives you the code to test at the very end of the release week then you would need to either delay the

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Should Test Automation Be Done By Separate Dedicated Team?

This question is a big challenge for most of the projects who work in Agile environment. When you have a time boxed approach and have to meet deadline without compromising on the quality, it is very important to manage the time properly using Test Automation. Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article by analyzing every aspect of the project and balancing them to make a decision.

Let’s discuss when it is the best practice to have

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Product Owner In Agile

In Agile software development methodology, the team members are assigned various roles. The Scrum framework for the agile development or testing methodology has the following roles as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Scrum Team and the project Stakeholders. All of these roles of scrum framework have their importance but in this article we are going to discuss in detail about the roles and responsibilities of the Product Owner.

A product owner is the person in the project team who has very

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Top Six Reasons Why I Like Selenium!!

Several months ago I started working on a new test automation project for a web site and one of the first things to do was to evaluate and choose a tool for the task. The two main contenders were Selenium and IBM Rational Functional Tester. I chose Selenium and since then never got to regret this choice. Here are some of the main reasons I like this open source tool much better than the expensive commercial alternatives for web automation.

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How to create web performance test with VSTS?

In the previous article we have gone through high level overview of the performance testing using VSTS. To start with web performance test using VSTS, we will be going in to details of each and every phase of this particular exercise. First part of this particular activity is to identify the performance test scenarios and second part is to mould that particular scenario in form of web performance test.

As we have seen earlier performance test can be done with

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