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Software Testing Artifacts - Test Reports

What is Artifact?

An artifact is one of many kinds of tangible by-products produced during the development of software. Some artifacts (e.g., use cases, class diagrams, and other Unified Modeling Language (UML) models, requirements and design documents) help describe the function, architecture, and design of software. Other artifacts are concerned with the process of development itself—such as project plans, business cases, and risk assessments. – Source Wikipedia


Learn Artifact – Test Reports:

Test team sent out numerous test reports

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What is Test Maturity Model (TMM)?

When a software is tested, there are so many processes which are followed in order to attain maximum quality and minimizing defects or errors. Test Maturity Model is one of such model which has a set of structured levels. TMM is now replaced by Test Maturity Model Integration(TMMI) is a 5 level model which provides a framework to measure the maturity of the testing processes. In other words, the main aim of this model is to optimize the testing processes.

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Defects Management Cycle

Defect cycle or defect life cycle is ride of a defect from discovering defect to closure of defect. Defects management in defect cycle is important to ensure the software quality. Preventing, identifying, rectifying defect is important to improve the quality. Defect is managed and tracked easily throughout the defect cycle with the use of defect tracking tools like JIRA, Mantis, Team Service, Bugzilla, Redmine etc. In a project identifying defects in early stage and fixing will take less cost when

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Hands-on Review: Katalon Studio – Another Free Solution For Automation Testing


Katalon Studio is a powerful automation tool set for web and mobile app testing. It is a free yet feature-packed solution that can be applied to overcome common challenges such as wait-time, pop-up and iframe in web UI test automation.

Katalon Studio brings more intelligence to the entire test automation process; testers can now test better, test faster and launch high quality software through this user-friendly, versatile solution.

Key features of Katalon Studio:

1) Hassle-free deployment: All requisite

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Interviewing A Testing Expert - Onur Yilmaz

From today we have decided to do an interview of testing experts over the globe. To kick off this article we are interviewing a testing expert “Onur Yilmaz”. He is one of the first Netsparker employees and wears many hats at Netsparker. He heads the Netsparker QA and security research teams where he ensures every release is as good as it gets and researches new vulnerabilities.

Question 1) Why should web applications be tested?

Answer: Internal and external

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Test Management Process

Test Management Process is a set of activities from the start of the testing to the end of the testing. It gives a discipline to testing. When follow a test process it gives us the plan at the initial. Test process provides the facility to plan and control the testing throughout the project cycle. It helps to track and monitor the testing throughout the project. Provides transparent of testing among stakeholders and maintains the conducted test for future reference. Affords

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