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Interviewing A Testing Expert - Onur Yilmaz

From today we have decided to do an interview of testing experts over the globe. To kick off this article we are interviewing a testing expert “Onur Yilmaz”. He is one of the first Netsparker employees and wears many hats at Netsparker. He heads the Netsparker QA and security research teams where he ensures every release is as good as it gets and researches new vulnerabilities.

Question 1) Why should web applications be tested?

Answer: Internal and external

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Test Management Process

Test Management Process is a set of activities from the start of the testing to the end of the testing. It gives a discipline to testing. When follow a test process it gives us the plan at the initial. Test process provides the facility to plan and control the testing throughout the project cycle. It helps to track and monitor the testing throughout the project. Provides transparent of testing among stakeholders and maintains the conducted test for future reference. Affords

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What Do You Think - Is Quality A Shared Responsibility?

This is guest post by STC team member Aparajita Jain. Check author details at the bottom the article.

An ownership comes with the responsibilities. Isn’t it true? When we decide to buy software, the very first thing that comes in our mind is the quality of the software. Without high quality, any software is a piece of junk for which nobody wants to pay or use. Now the question arises, are testers only responsible for the quality or it is

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Do We Need Both Equivalence Partitioning And Boundary Value Analysis?

Looking at the many more question about both “Equivalence Partitioning And Boundary Value Analysis” comment we decided to clear the write article on “Is It Necessary To Do Both Equivalence Partitioning And Boundary Value Analysis?” Let ‘s see in detailed and ask queries in the comment below for any unclear or open question.

To deliver a bug free software, a tester should cover maximum possible combinations of conditions. But is not possible to completely exhaust all possible conditions. It is

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Running Tests And Organizing Tests In Fitnesse

Once the FitNesse set up is completed, next step is to write test scripts and run them properly to get the right results. In this chapter, we are going to see how to organize test scripts in FitNesse and how to run them in order. Ordering viagra and grouping are very important when we want to have a clean set of test scripts. Let’s dig in to the organizing first.


Organizing Tests In FitNesse:

When we discuss about organizing

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Agile Testing Mindset And The Role Of The Agile Tester!!

Agile tester in an agile team plays a very important role towards the end product quality testing. He or she should be able to collaborate well within the agile team members and other project’s stakeholders. In order to collaborate well with the team members, the tester is expected to have an agile mindset in terms of testing skills and other quality assurance activities that a tester should perform as being a part of the agile team.

Agile Testing Mindset:


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