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Top Six Reasons Why I Like Selenium!!

Several months ago I started working on a new test automation project for a web site and one of the first things to do was to evaluate and choose a tool for the task. The two main contenders were Selenium and IBM Rational Functional Tester. I chose Selenium and since then never got to regret this choice. Here are some of the main reasons I like this open source tool much better than the expensive commercial alternatives for web automation.

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How To Access Forms In WebDriver

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about accessing HTML web forms and its elements such as input box, radio button, checkbox, hyperlink, dropdown box, etc. using Selenium WebDriver API.


Input Box:

There are two web elements that fall into this category. They are text box and password box.

Text Box:Text Box in HTML is represented by ‘input’ tag and has type ‘text’as shown below.

[code lang=”js”] <b>First name:</b> <input type="text" name="firstname"> [/code]

In the above HTML statement,

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Getting Started With Installation Of Selenium WebDriver - Learn Selenium

In this chapter, we are going to install Selenium WebDriver using JAVA language and configure it with Eclipse MARS.1 version.Below are the steps.

Step 1: Install Java on your computer:

Check if your system already has Java runtime environment (JRE) or (Java Development Kit) JDK installed on your machine. If not, then it could be downloaded and installed from below link.



It is recommended to install JavaSE-1.8 and higher version to work with Eclipse IDE and

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Brief Introduction of TestNG - What is execution sequence of TestNG Annotations?

In this module we will start with TestNG. Why people use the combination of TestNG with Selenium in the market. Also why can’t we use TestNG as standalone, these are the most common question which people asks. So starting with the article look at the following pictorial diagram:

This image is tells you that what actually JUnit or TestNG does. This is a simple architecture of a framework in selenium. Whether it is keyword driven, data driven, Hybrid or modular

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Installation of TestNG in Eclipse IDE - Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

In previous post we have started Introduction of TestNG framework and Advantages of TestNG over Junit framework. Today we are seeing how to Install TestNG framework in Eclipse IDE.

Please follow following simple steps to Install TestNG in Eclipse. We have installed Eclipse in few days back, if you don’t have eclipse then please get installed using post: “Link”

Steps to install TestNG in Eclipse IDE:

1) Launch Eclipse IDE & under Help menu click on “Install New Software” option.

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Introduction of TestNG framework - Advantages of TestNG over Junit framework

In Selenium WebDriver training tutorial we have seen how to run Selenium scripts using JUnit framework. Until now we have execute selenium tests but we have not generated reports in JUnit. In this Selenium training article series we are introducing powerful new testing framework called TestNG. The TestNG framework means Next Generation testing framework, so we are seeing what all next generation features available in TestNG, also I will talk about advantages of TestNG over Junit. I will be discussing

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