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JUnit and Hybrid (Keyword+Data Driven) Framework - Part 1


In this tutorial, we will learn how to build Hybrid (Keyword+Data Driven) Framework and we will publish this tutorial in multiple parts. Initially, we will build up the core of Hybrid Framework. The core of Hybrid framework will look like. We will build up the core and integrate with webdriver and selenium RC. The features of the core will remain same for both webdriver and selenium RC.

For detailed tutorial series check here:



Steps involved to

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PDF, Emails and Screenshot of Test Reports in Selenium

In this chapter, we are going to discuss the generation of the test reports in the presentable format to higher management and development team to report the defects and the testing progress. The presentable formats of test reports are PDF, email, and screenshots.

Test automation is not only the procedure to automate the test cases but also, it is the responsibility of the testers to execute the automated test suite, find the defects and report these defects or bugs to

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JUnit Framework and its use in Selenium

This tutorial will talk about JUnit Framework and how to use in your selenium script. For comprehensive Selenium tutorials series check out here.

What is JUnit?

JUnit is a controlling entity in selenium. For example in selenium suppose we have 10 scripts running and based on the script run reports and logs get generated and along with that we have set of XL files from which data get to generate. If we want the first script to execute first then

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Sessions, Parallel run, and Dependency in Selenium

In this chapter, we are going to discuss TestNG framework and how this framework could be used to create multiple test sessions to execute tests in parallel using Selenium WebDriver.

TestNG Framework

TestNG framework is the “Next Generation” framework that overcomes the limitations of the existing test framework known as JUnit. It has many inbuilt features and other advantages that make the test easier and very robust. Before we can look into this area, let’s first learn to install TestNG

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Selenium Tutorial: Introduction to Selenium Grid

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss Selenium grid in detail. Selenium grid is a software that is associated with Selenium software that is capable of executing multiple tests in parallel across different web browsers, operating systems and hardware architectures. It is based on hub-node execution model where a hub is a single machine that runs the test, however, the execution of these tests can be done on the different machines known as nodes.

Selenium HUB and NODES Model:

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How to handle Cookies in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the handling of cookies using Selenium WebDriver. Before we start using Selenium Webdriver to store information in the cookie and retrieve from it, let’s first explore some more about HTTP Cookie.

Introduction To Cookie

Perhaps you have done online shopping and notices the shopping cart that is often present on the top right corner of the website. When you do shopping on such websites and add items to the shopping

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