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Regression testing is one step ahead than retesting

What is difference between Regression Testing and Retesting?

The Regression testing and Retesting have its own priorities and its objective but both are most important in the success of the project.

In the testing there are distinctions between many terminologies which are not help to make it better testing. If you search for these terms over web you’ll get different answers for same question, so I think to explore these terms to get exact idea of these testing terms.

When I thinking of regression testing then I thinks of reuse of tests those carried out in terms of manual test suite or in automated scripts which help to reduce the risk which may impact on working software, i.e. impact of enhancement or bug fixes are introduces issues or breaking the previous working functionality. Such testing is carried out to make sure that all is in place & not impacting working features.

If we consider the term “Retesting”, regression testing has its wide scope of testing & Retesting is a subset of regression testing. If you are testing the specific defect fix then such testing is called as retesting. If you are testing a bug then you wouldn’t say that “I am doing regression of defect”, you should say “I am doing retesting of defect”.

The retesting is to check can you buy modafinil online whether previously failed feature is working in this current fixes or not. This is to be carried out by executing the previously failed test case and verify that previously failed test case is passed. But in the regression testing we are considering the previously passed test cases, i.e. the functionality was working the previous build.

Retesting means specific defect verification whether mentioned failure case is working as expected or not that sit. But if we think of the regression testing then we have to consider all passed test cases prior to this build version. The priority to retesting is more that regression testing because we have to start the regression testing only after completion of the retesting.

Conclusion: To make it simpler here are the definition of regression testing and retesting-
Regression testing: Regression testing is type of testing carried out to ensure that changes made in the fixes or any enhancement changes are not impacting the previously working functionality.
Retesting: Retesting means testing carried out to verify the specific defect mention in the bug.

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