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Software Testing Tools List

Now days we can get lots of Software Testing Tools in the market. Selection of tools is totally based on the project requirements & commercial (Proprietary/Commercial tools) or free tools (Open Source Tools) you are interested. Off Course, free Testing Tools may have some limitation in the features list of the product, so it’s totally based on what are you looking for & is that your requirement fulfill in free version or go for paid Software Testing Tools.
The tools are divided into different categories as follows:

  • Test Management tools
  • Functional Testing Tools
  • Load Testing Tools

Here you can get a most popular free and paid Testing Tools list used in the actual testing of the software application.

Software Testing Tools List

Software Testing Tools List

1) Open Source Tools

a) Test Management tools
  • TET (Test Environment Toolkit)
    • The goal behind creating the Test Environment Toolkit (TET) was to produce a test driver that accommodated the then current and anticipated future testing needs of the test development community. To achieve this goal, input from a wide sample of the community was used for the specification and development of TET’s functionality and interfaces.
  • TETware
    • The TETware is the Test Execution Management Systems which allows you to do the test administration, sequencing of test, reporting of the test result in the standard format (IEEE Std 1003.3 1991) and this tools is supports both UNIX as well as 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, so portability of this is with test cases you developed. The TETware tools allow testers to work on a single, standard, test harness, which helps you to deliver software projects on time. This is easily available for download on ftp download.
  • Test Manager
    • The Test Manager is an automated software testing tool is used in day to days testing activities. The Java programming language is used to develop this tool. Such Test Management tools are used to facilitate regular Software Development activities, automate & mange the testing activities. Currently Test Manager 2.1.0 is ready for download. If you want to learn more information of Test Manager, Click here to get a latest copy for free.
  • RTH
    • RTH is called as “Requirements and Testing Hub”. This is a open source test management tool where you can use as requirement management tool along with this it also provides the bug tracking facilities. From here you can download the latest version of RTH.
b) Functional Testing Tools
c) Load Testing Tools

2) Proprietary/Commercial tools

a) Test Management tools
b) Functional Testing Tools
c) Load Testing Tools
Here are list of most popular Software Testing Tools used in software testing. In the next article I will explain the Automation Testing Tools in detailed.
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