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Top 10 Cross Browser Testing Tools – Reduce Browser Compatibility Testing Effort

The Cross browser testing is important accepts in terms of end users point of view. Web application can be use over the World Wide Web & multiple users having their own web browsers.

Testing application in multiple browsers is most pain in testing for developer while developing web pages. Also few browsers are not supports the multiple versions installed at a time. After installing new version of browser it replaces with older versions. It means once you installed IE9 then you cannot downgrade to IE6 and IE7 on the same machine. One solution for this is to use of virtual machines & install the multiple different browsers on it and using it remove & again install what browser you like. But again one problem of multiplatform as most of the browsers are supports both Windows and Mac. Also rendering of Safari browser on Mac is different than Safari on Windows.

So what is the solution for this?

Don’t worry, nowadays there are many best paid and FREE cross browser testing tools are available in the market. Go for paid or open source tool is totally based on the requirement of project.

Let’s take a look at the some of the top cross-browser tool:

free paid online cross browser testing tools

Cross browser testing tools

1. Cross Browser Testing:


Cross Browser Testing tool supports multiple OS & Browser Configurations for Cross Browser Compatibility Testing. This is a perfect tool for cross browser web testing tool which supports Ajax, JavaScript and Flash. It also supports automated screen-shot tool to view website’s design across different browsers.

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape and many more…

Supported Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.3–10.5, Fedora Core 6, BlackBerry O 5, BlackBerry OS 6, Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile 5.0 (RQVGA), Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.5

Free trial of this cross browser testing software is available for one week. You can access it from here: Cross Browser Testing

2. Spoon Browser Sandbox:


Nowadays the Spoon.net Browser Sandbox is one of the powerful cross-browser testing tools available in the market. It supports almost all web browsers and mobile browsers. It also supports the backwards compatibility. It won’t take you to install web browsers on your machine, You have to only click on RUN to download these browsers from Microsoft and install onto your Spoon.net account.

Spoon Browser Sandbox also supports the multiple plug-ins like IE Developer Toolbar; Firebug, ActiveX controls, Java applets, CSS and Javascript debugging consoles etc.

Supported Browsers:
Web Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox versions: Firefox 11, Firefox 12, Firefox 13, Firefox 14+
  • Internet Explorer versions: IE6, IE7, IE8+
  • Google Chrome versions: Chrome17+
  • Opera versions: Opera 9+

Mobile Browsers:

  • Firefox Mobile 5
  • Opera Mobile 11

Download Free: Spoon Browser Sandbox

3. IE Tab:


IE Tab is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome browser which allow user to see web page in Internet browser in a Tab. This is one of my favorite & best tools available for free. This is useful for tester & developers to see web page in Internet browser in single click from Chrome and Firefox browser. IE Tab is simple and light.

Here is the IE Tab list of features:

  • Allow you to access the all IE Configuration options using IE Tab
  • Specific URLs can be loaded using IE Tab.
  • Allow user to see web pages which need ActiveX controls.
  • Allow you to set IE Tab bookmarks which help to load a page in IE Tab.
  • Use IE’s rendering engine to see the web pages.
  • Use Windows Explorer view to browse the local file system, with full Explorer support for icons, right-click menus, etc.
  • Make use of Outlook Web Access.

Supported Browsers: Firefox and Chrome browser

Download IE Tab Free: IE Tab

4. Microsoft SuperPreview:


Microsoft SuperPreview is a great tool & makes the developers life simple. It supports various version of the IE, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browser versions.

SuperPreview can integrate well with Expression Web & you can simply test cross browser testing of web pages at any stage in the design process.

If we compare SuperPreview with other cross browser testing tools then most of the tools are service based on which you have to point URL & specify the browser which renders the page on remote server, which renders the page & return the result. But SuperPreview deals with the installed browser on your machine which became super duper fast. It also has its own in built IE6 rendering engine, also allow you other version of IE.

SuperPreview allows using multiple pages with multiple browsers at the same time & allowing you to see rendering of pages different way like vertically or horizontally.

Depending on the IE browser you have installed on your local machine you can see your web pages rendered in Internet Explorer 6, 7 etc.

 Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox 3.6, 4, and 5+
  • Safari 4 and 5 for Mac

In the Standalone version of SuperPreview is supports modafinil online order only Internet Explorer browser and it is available for free for 60 days. The full version comes with the Expression Studio and it supports Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers.

Download Expression Web 4 SuperPreview free from Microsoft.com.

5. Browsershots:


Browsershots is free open-source cross browser testing tool which is used to test the online web applications.

This is free browser compatibility testing tool and allows you to take screenshots of your web page on different browser and operating systems combination. So, it is most widely used tool. It helps developer to get idea of how application will look like in various browsers. You have to select browser & OS combination.

In cross browser compatibility supports different customization options like browser OS combination, Screen Size, Color Depth, JavaScript, Java and Flash settings.

How it works: Upon submitting web address (URL), internally request send to the distributed computers and these servers takes the screenshots & these screenshots make it available into central location.

One drawback of this if user selects multiple combination of browsers & OS combination, it may take more time to display the result.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Navigator, Netscape, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey, Avant etc.

Supported Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD

Link to Access Browsershots here

6. IE Tester:


IE tester is one of the best options which allow you to test your web page on different Internet Explorer versions at the same time. IE Tester browser compatibility tool is a free web application used when developer want to just supports only Internet Explorer browser. This supports various version of IE on different platform like Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Supported Browsers: IE10 preview, IE9, IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5

Supported Operating System: Windows 7, Vista and XP

Download Free: IE Tester

7. BrowserCam:


An online paid service that allows developers to view web pages on different browsers and operating systems. It supports any browser / operating systems combination. Also allows you to Test code and dynamic functionality on any platform. It allows you to use bank of test machines remotely.
BrowserCam also supports mobile operating systems and browsers as well.
Depending on your choice of browser and operating system combination it captures screenshots of your web pages. BrowserCam trial version is available for download which allows usage to test web application for 24 hours only with the screen limit of 200.

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Chrome NXS 2.3, Explorer 5.0 (RQVGA), Opera 9.7b and many more…

Supported Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.3–10.5, Fedora Core 6, BlackBerry O 5, BlackBerry OS 6, Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile 5.0 (RQVGA), Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.5

Download Free: BrowserCam

8. Cloud Testing:

Cloud testing service is used for cross browser compatibility testing. This service is used to test your web pages on several browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera etc. Cloud Testing service allows you to verify the GUI websites testing and the functionality on real operating systems using cloud.

Supported Browsers:
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, Mozilla Firefox 3, 3.5, 3.6, Apple Safari 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, Google Chrome Latest Version, Opera 9.6

9) Adobe BrowserLab:

Adobe Browser Lab is one of the best online service used for Cross- Browser testing tool. It is basically Preview-Compare-Display the web site content. Here you can compare the screen shots of web pages in different web browsers simultaneously. Using this tool you can optimize the website efficiently.

 One drawback of using this tool it not supports the Linux and other web browsers.

It allows you to choose the OS browser combination first and then you have to enter URL to check how it looks likes. For a free tool, the interface and current features are useful for daily use. It supports the zoom feature as well.

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome

Supported Operating System: Windows and Mac OS X

Download here: Adobe BrowserLab

10) Browserseal:

BrowserSeal cross browser testing tool is works based on taking webpage snapshot on single mouse click. You can find out & report the UI issues by simply navigating from captured images. It supports multiple web browsers based on free or paid version of tool. Free version supports only two browser as Firefox and Internet Explorer with per session only one limited screen-shot.

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

Download here: Browserseal

Apart from this list few more Cross Browser Testing Tools listed below:

Next to you!!

In this article you have get clear idea of many free and paid cross-browser testing tools. All above Software testing tools having its own advantages and disadvantages and choosing these tools is totally based on the requirements.
If you thinking of your tool missed out in above list then please share your experience with any cross browser testing tools with us in the comment section.

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21 comments to Top 10 Cross Browser Testing Tools – Reduce Browser Compatibility Testing Effort

  • Balaji

    Great site. I also think open source testing tools based on Selenium project are great for cross browser testing. I have tried PushToTest’s tool called TestMaker, and found it to be really useful.

  • sumitra

    what a nice article indeed. This is going to help me for all my testing interviews from now on.

  • Amedar

    thanks a lot for great information on Cross Browser Testing Tools
    helped me a lot.

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    Thanks for providing information.

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    Want to know about load test process.

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    This post is really very good. Bcoz i m new in this field it will help me a lot.

    Thank you

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    Very nice article…. Thanks a lot!!!

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    Can someone pls elaborate me what are the different software that are used in Software Testing.

    Ranjith Balgovind

  • George

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    Great article ! yeah.. Its just different.. really out of the box 🙂

  • Deepu

    good one…even i think open source testing tools is better option to cross browser testing…really i liked this article..i got a nice stuff..thank you

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    very useful article . It really helps to all the software test engineers:)

  • Jaya

    Fantastic site. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your effort!

  • Raja Torkar

    A gr8 collection of cross browser testing resources.

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    fantistic site…helped me in executing a compatibility testing projects….

  • Sowmya

    Hi,im a fresher.i need an idea of what software testing tool to learn to get a good job.can someone help me?

    • Pooja Menon

      Hi Sowmya,

      As a fresher, you might have to start with manual testing. After maybe a year or so you can move to automated testing. Keeping in mind the current market scenario, you can perhaps learn Selenium and QTP as these are used the most.


  • Khushi Gupta

    Hi I am working from last one year in software testing, but now I want work on some tools, please tell me the best tool from where I can find more bugs or issues in an Application.

  • Tejaswini

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  • Sujatha

    Really great site.
    I have to test IE 11, Chrome and FF on Windows 7.
    Planned to use selenium webdriver. Is this enough to do cross browser testing or do I need any other tool.
    Please advise. I am new to cross browser testing and automation.

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