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Test cases for Pen

Welcome back guys in our “How to Test” series where we will cover the most commonly asked questions around writing test cases. In this series I will try to post testing ideas around how to write the test cases on practical objects.

In today’s article I am going to start with the “How to write test cases for Pen?” If anyone asked you to write the test cases for pen in interview then you should not assume the requirement and you should ask the questions around the requirements of Pen like what type of pen is? Is it a ball pen, ink pen, gel pen, fountain pen or any other type of pen? Who is going to use this pen? A Student, doctor, writer, shopkeeper, office use, Astronaut, etc. and on which surface this pen is going to be used?

To write down the Test cases for Pen now I am writing the cases for a ballpoint pen (oil-based paste ink).

Test Cases for Pen:

1. Check if the all parts of the pen is fitting properly and no loose fitting. [Installation Testing]

2. Check if the pen ball is fitted properly and ball is moving with ease. [Installation Testing]

3. Check if the dimension of the pen as per mentioned in the requirement.  [UI Testing]

4. Size and shape should be confirmable for writing. [UI Testing]

5. Logo on the pen should be properly printed. [UI Testing]

6. Check if the grip on the pen is superior. [Usability Testing]

7. Check if pen is writing smoothly with continuous and not breaking while writing. [Usability Testing]

8. Check if pen ink is not getting blemish while writing on the paper. [Usability Testing]

9. Check if pressure needs to be applied on the pen to write down on page with least efforts. [Usability Testing]

10. Check if pen is usable for similar refills of different brands. [Usability Testing]

11. Check if pen is writing on the page properly. [Functional Testing]

12. Check if the ink on the paper is belongs with the similar color as what we see in the refill. [Functional Testing]

Test Cases For Pen

13. Check if written on paper is not getting fade out after some time. If the requirement saying about ink is water proof then apply water on written text and check the behaviour of the ink. [Functional Testing]

14. Check if the pen is making width of line as per the specified millimeter range. If the pen is coming with two different sets of millimeter ranges i.e. 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm then make sure that line width is properly producing by pen as per design. [Validation Testing]

15. Check if pen is properly working in the flight where different pressure conditions. [Performance testing]

16. Check if pen is not used for substantial period of time and check if ink is not clot inside the pen. Check if user able to access the pen with ease. [Recovery testing]

17. Check if the material used to manufacture is safe to use for chewing or kept in mouth. Generally users are use to put the pen in mouth while writing, so make sure that pen is safe put in mouth or chewing.

18. Check if ink in not being leak from refill in normal conditions.

19. Check if pen is working with different writing angles like the notice is displayed on notice board and user want to write on the notice board.

20. Check if the flow of ink is consistent while writing. The Badly designed pens have the problem with uneven ink flows.

21. Check if the pen ink is not getting dry very quickly or very slowing. While writing on page ink coming out of the pen point, so it should neither dry quickly nor dry too late.

22. Check if the pen is properly working on Space environment if it mentioned in the requirement specifications. [Capability testing]

23. Check if how much long you can able to write with the single refill of pen. [Capability testing]

24. Check if pen is properly writing on different type’s surfaces like smooth paper, rough paper, wooden material, plastic, leather, steel, glass etc. [Compatibility Testing]

25. Check if pen is properly gripped on the shirt pocket and user able to carry on pocket with ease. [Robustness Testing]

26. Check if pen writing point is strong enough to bear a load of different users like some user used to write with some extra pressure on the pen tip. [Robustness Testing]

Negative Test Cases for Pen:

26. Check pen stress testing by dropping pen down from practical height and check if nothing is breaking, no any damage to pen and pen is working without any issues.

27. Hold the pen upwards direction for some time and try to write on paper.

28. Keep the pen in water and try to write on paper.

29. Check how pen is working at different climate environmental conditions like at room temperature, different climate conditions.


Here I have listed down few Test cases for Pen. I have no doubt about there are many more interesting test cases you can write down for Pen. So here I am waiting for such great ideas, you can write down test case around pen in the comment below. I really appreciate if you take up this Testing Challenge to get the good test cases for pen to our readers.

Happy Testing!!!

27 comments to Test cases for Pen

  • tester

    Another test case for pen:

    26. With different ink viscosity that gets filled in the pen and how well the pen can write

    27. With given ink specifications associated with Pen how many pages can be used to write without refill.

  • sarath

    1.check whether pen is writing with out a refill
    2.check whether pen is writing with out ink in a refill

  • swati

    Awesome.. Can’t even think that much test cases on a pen 🙂

    • Vaibhav Chaurasia

      The most interesting test case about pen is that, if in between of the refill ink is breakout then, it is possible to recover those part or not. If not, then, this test case is negative if possible than it definitely this test case is positive.

      In certain condition it, is possible to make gap between refill or if refill is cut down by scissors from the middle then, also pen work or not

  • Chiragkumar Ray

    Without open the “PEN CAP”, PEN is working or not.

  • chinmay

    Test pen would work for 1km or not
    Test pen would work for 100 km or not

  • Vaibhav Chaurasia

    The most interesting test case about pen is that, if in between of the refill ink is breakout then, it is possible to recover those part or not. If not, then, this test case is negative if possible than it definitely this test case is positive.

    In certain condition it, is possible to make gap between refill or if refill is cut down by scissors from the middle then, also pen work or not

  • esha


  • EAS


  • maddy

    most important test case about “PEN” is
    1) check wheather the pEN in “Ball PEN” or “INK PEN”.

  • LakshmipathiRao

    Important test case about “PEN”

    *Whether it is use and throw or Replace with another Refill of different brand

  • Nithya

    Verify that lid of the pen secures tightly to the pen.
    Verify that the spring in the ball pen has the desired tension.
    Verify that the ink of the pen do not smudge on the paper.

  • Kalavati

    .Check which color refill the pen is having.
    .Check (if the user requirement) if the pen cap is open for much time than is that possible to write.
    .check the pen is made up of which material.
    .check the pen design is that simple or good(user requirement)for cost calculations

  • Pratibha

    check whether pen writes uniformly or not.
    check whether cost of pen is not too much.
    check whether pen is with a cap or not(tip top type).
    check whether pen gel or ball pen.
    check whether pen is too long or too short.
    check whether pen is available with one more refill or not in it’s packet.
    check whether pen contains single or more than one refill.

  • Asiya

    check out how pen color looks when writting in different color paper.
    check whether pen is able to write if back end cap
    of pen is not available.

  • Vimal

    Check if the pen delivers the same quality of writing at near to the end point of ink.

  • nidhi

    we can check how is pen working in diffent environment and in different seasons.

  • nidhi

    Check if the temperature has any effect on the pen ink or tip.

  • Yasmin Thajudeen

    Check whether the body of the pen cover is in which material (steel, glass, plastic)

  • varun vardhan

    Is pen write when we change the nib of the pen ? (Functional testing)

  • Fayyaz Shaik

    check whether the pen cap fix to pen or loose for protection of pen

  • Aditi jain

    Pen’s refill should be replaceable.

  • samir

    Valid or not???plz tell
    Assume that, in which side we write that is head part only and the other one is tail.
    So, test case is to select how to insert a refill inside the pen throughout head or tail???

  • Samali

    I think you need to test whether you can write from it first. bcoz it is the main requirement of a pen.

  • Dr Sohan Babu

    1) verify, color of ink in a pen same they mentioned into label.
    2) check the grip of a pen , is it make any probs .
    3) Check the pens height, width and weight , if it is beyond normal , do some necessary action .

    4)if it is spring pen , check the working conditions .

  • laxmi

    check wheather the ink colour is related to the paper as what we need.
    check the lid wheather it is fitted properly inside the pen

  • NIlesh Saini

    if Pen with cap then check its proper close or not

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