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Why, How and When to Automate Software Testing?

Being as a Software Test Engineer you might have come across a situation where “Why, How and When to Automate Software testing?” Some testers are thinking of Automate Software testing is no more advantages than manual testing and we also hear from some readers on using Automation to test the application.

Listening from different opinions, I thought instead of answering questions individually it would be better to some logical discussion here. The automation testing is such a huge topic to discuss on, so I suggest our smart readers from different areas to contribute your experience on automation testing in below comments.

The manual testing is more preferable over automation testing in following cases:

  • If UI of the system under test is changing more frequently, so after every time when the UI changes then the Automated script needs to be updated accordingly.
  • If you have tight release deadlines and no enough time to automate the system then I prefer to go with manual testing instead of Automation testing.
  • If Identify the test cases which are going to be executed initially once and do not automate such test case.
  • To do automation testing you should have the skilled resources with having sufficient programming knowledge. If you do not have the skilled resources to automate the application under test or if you are not ready to invest time and money to educate peoples on automation testing to build good automation team then don’t go for Automation testing.


Why, When and How to Automate Software Testing


When to use Automation testing?

Consider a scenario where the defect is fixed in the build and similar feature was used in different working modules. So it is hard to check new bug is introduced in previous working functionality. While doing test pass you need to check regression testing around the defect fixes. This testing exercise needs to be executed each and every time you need to manually test the functionality around the impacted area. So considering resources, time and money you need to work effectively and smartly. In such scenarios you need to think of Automation testing.

Test automation is a process to check the software application after development and getting new build or release. The investment for test automation is time, money and resources. In requires initial efforts which will help you whenever you want to execute the regression cases.


Why to use Automation testing? 

Test can be automated due to many reasons. Some are,

1) Automation testing Saves Time and Money:

After each development of the Software product the test has to be repeated to ensure quality of the software. Due to every changes of source code the test has to be repeated. When the new software releases, we test that software is compatible to all operation system and also the hardware configurations. Manually testing same test suite repetitively is more costly and time consuming task. But, when we go for automation testing; only the initial cost is there after that it runs over and over again at no additional cost. One more advantage is it can be executed n number of times and they are much faster than manual tests. Automated software testing process reduces the time when test repetition starts, if manual testing is taking a day, automation will only take some hours.


2) Testing Increases Correctness:

In case of manual testing, the expert tester can do mistake due to each and every time changes of the test methodology, but in case of automation testing the same steps of test repeats each and every time when the source code changes which maintain the accuracy of a software system.


3) Automate the test due to version changes:

You can automate the test as many as possible, there is no boundary and time limit because developer can any time change the application code and introduces the bug.

Suppose, developer has change the application code and the new version of application has come up with some new features and bug fixes. So, how to make sure that the new bug fixes of new version have not introduced any new bug in previous working functionality? For that, you need to test the previous application too.

Is it possible to test the application manually whenever the application gets update? Yes it is possible, but will take longer time during test or some time it is not possible. Also, it won’t be effective in terms of company cost, resources, Time etc.

The best way to automate the test as many as the application version gets change and you get lots of regression work.

So, to keep the application bug free, tester needs to test the application frequently. Completion of test automation process is totally depends on application whether; it is small, big or how many bugs are introduced in the application.


4) Increase Test Coverage:

Automated software testing more focus on the depth and scope of tests which increases the quality of software. Automated software testing process works on thousands of different complex test cases which is not possible with manual testing. If the software is huge and complex, manual testers are scare to test that software but testers who do automation testing can easily work on that particular software, automation testing also facilitates testers to test the software on multiple computers with different configurations. This testing process is capable to check the application inner database, data table, memory, and file containing the application to determine the application is performing as estimated.


5) Increases Speed, Efficiency,  Quality and Decreases the Cost:

When we start developing the software, our main goal is to release the software on time. Although, Automation testing process uses same module in different test scenario, run fast. Automated regression test provides the non-stop system steadiness and functionality after changes to the software were completed main to shorter development cycles joint with better quality software and thus the welfare’s of automated testing fast out gain the initial costs.


6) Testers get Motivated which increases the efficiency:

In case on manual testing, testers do not get any new technique and tools, they apply manual tricks to test the software, that’s why they don’t get motivation which affects the manual tester’s efficiency. But, in case of automation testing, testers always get different tools with testing software which makes them to work fast with increasing efficiency.


7) Helpful in testing complex web application:

Automation testing process is helpful for those web applications where millions of users interact together. If we go for manual testing process, creating those many users manually and simultaneously are difficult or impossible.

So, to test those web applications go for load automation testing and create virtual users to check load capacity of the web application.

Automation testing process can also be used on that software where GUI will always be same and functionalities gets changed always due to source code changes.



In the fast moving world, the Automation testing plays an vital role to achieve most of the testing goals with effective use of resources and time. However before start automating the test tasks you should be careful about choosing automation tool.

Make sure that you have skilled people before deciding When to Automate Software testing? If you are not doing so, you will not get ROI which you invested in expensive automation tool, which leads to frustration. You should list down all requirements before going for automation tool. Every tool cannot support all requirements, so to overcome the limitations for automation tool you need to go with Manual testing techniques. If you don’t have budget to get the paid version then you first start with open source tool. Open source tool is also a good option to start with automation.

Many of our readers are working in Manual and/or Automation testing field. If you need share your experience then feel free to express your views in comment section below.

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    Currently I am working as a manual tester, and start to learn automation testing. This article is very useful in-terms of beginners. I am sure you have cover all topics of ‘why to use automation testing’.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Please share the software testing tools which we can use for automation testing.

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    Excellent and Thank you very much for the Article.

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    This website is very useful for the software QA Engineers. I really appreciate your effort. It will be more useful if we include the tutorials of automation Testing tools like selenium Webdriver,Jmeter, perfecto mobile with complete Testing Scripts. I thank you very much for creating this wonderful website.

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